DJ Set @ sansation factory 14.06.2014

Hi. please do nothing else on that day, just listen to awesome oldschool trance music performed by 24 DJs on (and I’ll be one of them)




Scheibe Butter

if you are interested in listening to my latest mix, fell free to do so:

DJ Buttermütze – Scheibe Butter by Dj_Buttermütze on Mixcloud

YEAH, this is my first album!

Some Pre-Releases

Here you can find some of the tracks which will be on my new Album. of course there will be more when it will be relased on the 29th of march this year @ Interface Bar/Berlin

have fun!


My first live mix ever, it was pure fun and i hope to do that again!

DJ_Buttermütze@Interface,Berlin_06_07_2013 by Dj_Buttermütze on Mixcloud


Hey, after rendering a lot at work I had some spare time during a small holiday period…

So I took the oportunity and did something else then boring architecture, have a look


and an extra shot…




Of course this is a magic Moment. You come to a new place you havent been before, everything changes but in a very good way you realy enjoy. This was Australia for me. I could only be part of this adventure becouse of a special girl guiding me through this. Although she decided to not be my girl anymore, I decided to thank her in Alex-style.

Thanks Maxi, without you Australia would’nt have been so beautiful. I hope you’re doing well, I finally do (kind of…)


Hey! hier ist mal der Eldorado mal in einem cleanen studio, das format ist etwas exotisch, das liegt aber daran, das dieses Bild meinen Desktop zieren soll.

The Barn

hier wird der Eldorado altern… das ist z.Z. WIP. eine art Werkbank auf der linken seite, sowie Stoh auf dem Boden und Arbeitsgeräte an der Wand sind in Planung. Eine art Stroh-Zwischenboden könnte auch cool sein… mit Leiter nach oben im Vordergrund…

LG Alex

King of the Hill, first Teaser

finally… at least a short teaser….

schönen Tag noch… freut euch bald auf mehr!